Life28 Apr 2009 04:33 pm

Spring has arrived along with long days of beautiful sunshine. I am loving this weather as we can go out and about without layering up and get to spend a lot more time outside. Leah and I venture out to the local parks on a very regular basis and enjoy exploring the playground equipment as well as meeting up with friends. We have also enjoyed a few picnics outside. What a treat!

apicnic.jpg apicnicleah.jpg

With spring upon us, Leah’s birthday is coming up fast. What a wonderful year this has been.

My mommy group threw a big party for all eleven of the babes who were turning one or who had turned one within the past or next few weeks. It was an absolute blast with moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, friends and relatives and babies wherever you could see. All the moms were to contribute some food to the party so we made some special cookies to share with everyone (some cupcakes, #1’s and balloons). Another mom made a special cake for each of the babes with a candle on top and everything. I had to force Leah to eat a little piece to show her it tasted good. Even then, she would only eat it if I spoon fed it to her which didn’t totally feel right. I left the cake eating in Grandma’s hands but she still ended up only taking a few bites. Some of the other kids were making the cake eating experience into a tactile adventure which was fun to watch. We will try again in a couple of weeks when we celebrate with our families.

acookies.jpg abdaycake.jpg

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