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Leah has been standing on her own over the the past couple of weeks, gradually extending her time up to 3-5 seconds. It is very cute to watch as when she does get apprehensive, she tends to squat down and looks like she is getting a good workout. Though she has become quite the copycat lately in the cutest ways possible, the squats she unfortunately hasn’t learned me. Maybe that is because my workouts are few and far between. Though I run now and again, I was thinking maybe I should step it up a little as summer is just around the corner.

Here is Leah standing on her own in her cute Easter dress (that I forgot to take pictures of her in on Easter).


Leah has been paying very close attention to how everything works and is mimicking so closely and carefully. I was in the bath with her a few days ago and as I was massaging the shampoo into my hair, Leah started rubbing her own head as well. If she could undo her car seat buckle, I am sure the would have found a way to jump out of it and I would find her in the seat next to her as I was driving down the road. Fortunately, they make those buckles very hard to undo though I was trying to picture my reaction if she ever did get out of it. That would mean serious business, though I am not sure what serious business entails yet. Not sure I want to find out yet.

Another first I have been fortunate enough to avoid this long that I wasn’t looking forward to, came this weekend. I had my first experience with my own sick child and it didn’t go over so well. She wasn’t horribly sick, just definitely not herself and very, very fussy. We went over to my parent’s as we had a showing on our house and I let my mom look after Leah while I made dinner. My mom was thankful I was making dinner for her and wanted to help (but couldn’t really do anything as Leah wanted to be held) and I was so thankful she was looking after Leah for me so it worked out well.

This morning after an extremely long nap followed by a very long cuddle and nap in my arms, Leah has perked up. She is back to her happy self, playing contently and giving smiles to anyone who asks, as long as they don’t ask just before lunch or nap time.

I was glad for the nice, long cuddles and they are becoming not so common anymore as Leah is becoming less of a babe and more little girl. I want to treasure every stage with her as she is such a gift.

It’s sad that sometimes a tragedy is what needs to come along to make people stop and realize what a treasure we have been given in life itself. To realize that our days are numbered and that we are not the One in charge of the final number. That we know not when or how that day may arrive at our doorstep or of someone we love, while being sure of the One who does. Today I will hug those close to me a little tighter and try to be more generous with my love. To take the time to spend with those I love and treasure those moments, for I don’t know how much time is left.

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  1. on 04 May 2009 at 8:53 pm kate

    aww so sweet. are days are precious.

    i hear ya – not so many cuddles coming from Leah these days! Ah well, it’s good to see her express some of her independence.

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