Life12 May 2009 01:18 pm

On the morning of Leah’s birthday, Morgan got up with her so I could sleep in. It was so thoughtful how he treated her birthday like a mother’s day for me. Though he still had to go to work, Leah spent some quality time in the morning with her daddy before I got up. She apparently thought it was an important day too as she was busy mapping out her future at a local university.


After all of that hard thinking and planning, it was time for a good, hearty breakfast of oatmeal mixed with some applesauce. I think it is so adorable how Leah rubs her head and rubs her hands in her hair. She has discovered that she has hair. Though, when she has oatmeal, yogurt or spaghetti sauce on her hands it isn’t quite so cute.


On her birthday, Leah and I mostly hung out of home cleaning, baking and decorating cupcakes. In the afternoon I felt I must do something that she would really enjoy so we visited with some friends before we walked over to the new park in our neighborhood. Though we didn’t have much time, she enjoyed playing on all the equipment and even cried when I put her back into her stroller. Thankfully, the tears didn’t last long as we journeyed home. Here she is on the teeter-totter holding on tight.



What fun!

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