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With all the hot and sunny weather lately, we have been enjoying the great outdoors. This is especially true on the weekends when daddy gets to play with us too. On Saturday night, we had my side of the family over for dinner and dessert to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I think Leah was in a bit of shock at the amount of people in our small space staring at her. She didn’t say a peep for most of the evening.

After dinner, we walked over to the elementary school that is less than a block away. I wanted to show my mom how much Leah loves going on the slide and playing on the playground. They have a large, curly slide similar to the one our favorite park has that Leah has gone done many, many times. Once Leah and I reached the top of the slide, I put her on her back and let her go. This slide is a little different than the one we normally go down as it has small gaps where the different parts of the slide connect. I think her shoe caught on one of those and she went for quite the tumble down the slide. And that is the sad tale of how I caused my child her first bloody nose and fat lip. I felt horrible. Terrible. Awful. She calmed down pretty quick and there was hardly any blood but still, not fun.

At least the walk to the playground wasn’t a complete loss as we all found a part of the playground enjoyable. From conquering the climbing wall to games of X and O’s, swinging competitions to climbing on the monkey bars, we all had fun and felt a little younger.

The later part of this week and this weekend was a great relief after seeing this face rarely without a soother after her reaction to one year shots.


I am so happy she is back to her normal self; climbing in boxes


and her seat that was left in her room on the floor


while enjoying being in a nice, cool summer dress.


Whoever thought hair clips were to keep hair looking neater, has not met my daughter. But what does it matter as long as you can see this sweet face anyways.


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