Life29 Jun 2009 04:41 pm

I love to get outside with Leah everyday and make an extra effort to try get outside when I have two kiddies around. Sometimes we just go for a walk but lately I have been taking the girls to this great park as usually no one else is there, it is fenced and it is really close to us. With two girls, I can’t take them climbing on the play structures so they just enjoy them from the ground.


One of their favourite activities is to put bark mulch on and off the slide. They love the repetitiveness and I love they stay and play side by side. Sometimes one of them will wander off to walk along the teeter totter or I will push them on the swings but they always go back to the bark mulch and slide.


I love how the little things in this world open up great wonder and delight in a child’s world. Discovering a special rock, finding the perfect stick and making a new friend on the playground make their day so much fun. I adore how hours of fun can be found with bark mulch and a slide and hope to glean some of that child likeness back.

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