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As soon as Leah woke up on Canada Day, we headed down south to visit Grandma Fran and Granddad Sid as well as some of Morgan’s extended family. We had a great time playing on the playground, splashing in the pool and even squeezed in a nice, long nap.

We arrived at their trailer nice and early to miss the congestion at the border and gave them their wake up call. Once Grandma and Granddad had their tea, they were ready to face the day. We cooked up a wonderful breakfast feast including pancakes, french toast, maple syrup, strawberries and whipped cream. What a great way to start the day.

After breakfast, Morgan and I took Leah and her three year old cousin to the playground. Leah was fascinated with her older playmate who only had to take a glance at her to make them both erupt in laughter. Morgan is so amazing with young children and soon he had other kids asking him for a push on the swings as well or help onto the tire swing.

Leah’s cousin kept her entertained and so happy that Leah forgot about being grumpy during her normal nap time and kept walking around kicking a ball, playing with rocks and following her cousin around until everyone left for a picnic lunch at the beach. Leah and I stayed behind for a nice snooze until everyone come back.

After lunch, we hit the pool with all the kids. Morgan has never seen Leah ‘swim’ before so it was great to share that experience. With her cousin, we spent time throwing her in the air and catching her as she hit the water with squeals of delight calling for more.

We had to jump out of the pool to come back for a steak and potato dinner before we packed everything up. Everything referring to playpen, booster seat, stroller, diaper bag, backpack full of swimming stuff and Leah’s food/utensils/bib/sippy cup. It looked like we were going away for a week. It was well worth the trip and we said goodbye and left at Leah’s bedtime so she could snooze in the car.

By the time we arrived home, it was only half an hour still our local fireworks started so we drove around our now crowded city to find a spot. Leah woke up so we walked over to a viewpoint and enjoyed them all together as I was holding her all wrapped up in a blanket.

It was late when we finally came home and we all slept deeply. Leah even had longer naps yesterday to make up for all the excitement.

Here are all the kids
Leah is not sure about other babes.

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