Life09 Jul 2009 01:21 pm

Lately I have been one busy momma making sure Leah and I enjoy our summer while packing everything I don’t think we will need for the next three weeks. I think I am being overzealous out of ignorance and fear.

I have never moved before except from my parent’s to this place. When I moved into the apartment I didn’t own many things and the stuff I bought I just left in the boxes it came in. It was an extremely easy move with no perishables or anything time sensitive that needed to be packed or unpacked.

This time it is a much different story. I keep reminding myself our new place is extremely nearby, it will all get moved/cleaned in time and all work out. But until everything is done, I will keep searching out our place for things we won’t need for a bit and throw it into a labeled box.


Leah’s room has now become packing central. Sorry Leah, but I figure you have overtaken our living room as your playroom long before we intruded on your room so it’s all good.

Since we have been busy and a little more stressed lately from selling our apartment and buying a house we decided to go on a last minute vacation. I left at the crack of dawn this morning with Leah up to Osoyoos lake where my aunt and uncle along with their family are having fun boating, swimming and relaxing. My parents along with Morgan will be coming up early Saturday morning to join us for our short and sweet weekend. Here is the view from where I am blogging right now.


My plan is to soak it all in along with some boating and swimming with Leah while waiting for Morgan to come up with her babysitters grandparents.

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