Life11 Jul 2009 08:31 pm

We have a great farmer’s market in our community where vendors sell everything from organic, frozen beef to homemade jewelry. Usually the guys aren’t overly excited about the prospect of leaving the house around 9 am on Sunday morning to check out fresh vegetables and such so my friend and I take Leah on a nice stroll into the middle of town.

I love checking out the wares and the whole concept of homemade or homegrown goods though I usually don’t come away with much in my buggy. This past Sunday I decided to be a little more adventurous and bought green and yellow zucchini, beets and carrots.

Though I have never cooked beets before, I’ve seen my friends feed them to their kids so they must be good. I cooked some up with carrots until they were soft and the carrots looked like beets from the strong color of the beets. It was a hit with Leah when I mixed the vegetables with applesauce. I also grated all my freshly purchased veggies and put them in my muffins which tasted good (and healthy). Since I had some of this grated mixture left, I put some in my spaghetti sauce not so sure how it would go over but turned out absolutely delicious.

Lately I have been on a big kick to include a wide variety of vegetables in anything that will taste good so we are all overall healthier and that Leah will still get a good amount of vegetables even though she loves to eat grains. So far it is turning out splendid and I haven’t ruined any of my creations.

Last week Leah decided to curl up with some carrots in her stroller and take a little snooze before we headed out for church.


Yes it is true, kids can sleep anywhere when they want to.

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