Life16 Jul 2009 02:10 pm

We are back home, have finished sifting through laundry and are ready for more of the usual routine happenings around here.

Like Leah walking around our local water park with a spaghetti scooper in her hand.
Or Leah walking down the hallway, eager to runaway from home.
(She is sure going to miss her hallway of freedom when we move. She loves to go into the hall whenever she has a chance and refuses to come inside when we reach our door. I however, won’t miss trying to bring all the groceries up with multiple trips from the car to the apartment while wrangling the food in the stroller and carrying a babe through fire doors, locked doors and a elevator that has an attitude.)
We always love to hang out with the moms and babes from our mommy group as well as our other friends in the neighborhood at the beach or park.
It is great to be gone but also great to be back at home.

Now that Leah is fourteen months, this is what she is up to these days:

– she can point to her head and nose when you asked, “Where is your….?” (not always in the presence of other people)
– is quite the determined little girl and can throw a great tantrum to go along with her spunkiness
– enjoys swimming and bath time
– would much rather walk than ride in her stroller
– refuses to eat veggies on their own but will eat them when mixed in with a sauce
– can sign ‘more’ when she wants more food
– plays on her own very well, still working on sharing
– gives great high fives
– can say mama, dada, nana(as in banana but not referencing anything in particular), woof, hi, bye
– loves to babble
– adores dogs as long as they stay about 2 feet away from her
– overcome her fear of the broom but still has a ways to go before she comfortable around a vacuum
– generally very happy and a pleasure to be around

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