Life31 Jul 2009 09:51 pm

This has been one eventful week. I will share more later when I get the pictures off of the camera but for now, here is my list of excuses for not blogging:

– had to finish packing apartment
– sign papers to sell apartment and buy a house
– moved all of our stuff
– cleaning house and unpacking
– trying to make a neglected garden look better

In addition to the above, here is a list of some of our excitement for the week:

– money transfer by lawyers occurred one day late breaking our contract two days before moving day
– credit card number was used fraudulently day before moving day
– new neighbour backed into my car on moving day
– day after moving, find a massive flying ant invasion in our master bedroom moving their way across the room coming out of the storage area under the stairs

Now that the ants are gone due to an exterminator, we are settling in quite nicely and are so happy to be in this house. The first night Morgan and I felt like we were living in someone else’s home. With our ensuite bathroom, it could easily pass for a B&B.

I am glad unpacking is so much faster than packing itself and almost all our possessions have found a new place in our home. It is slowly sinking in that this house is indeed our home and I feel so incredibly grateful.

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