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I have never been a girly girl and thought I would pass this trait on to my daughters but I think the tides are slowly changing. As I was reading through the recreation centre’s toddler class schedule for the fall, the dance and movement class sounded alright. I may have even found it appealing. I still love the thought of Leah playing soccer though she will have to wait a few years to enroll as no toddler soccer classes are available.


It took me to graduate from high school before I bought a pink shirt for myself and to wear a dress or skirt when it wasn’t mandatory but now I find myself enjoying putting a dress on Leah. Even dresses with big bows and lots of polka dots I now find absolutely endearing on my little girl. I am still not about the really frilly but love the practical, simple cotton dresses that look comfy and still allow her to play and get dirty.


I absolutely love this dress and had to try it on Leah before giving it away to a friend of mine. The fabric is so cute and I am sure it will look great on her daughter in a couple of years.

Though Leah does not have much say in what she wears now, I am sure she will be voicing her opinion soon enough. I am not sure what Leah will want but my mind goes to a girl I taught preschool to who refused to wear pants and would show up everyday in a fancy dress. Another girl had a mom who let her dress herself and everyday she had a creative new look. Another mom let her daughter pick out her socks for the day while she picked the outfit.

I want to give Leah freedom within boundaries and not be phased by letting her go out of the house with clothes that don’t match or boots in the middle of summer. I am sure those boundaries will ebb and flow as Leah grows up and goes through various phases of life. At least her beauty will never change.

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