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As children all over the country are back in school, Leah and I are getting back into the routine of having a friend at our house during the day. We have had tons of play dates during the summer but now we are looking after friends while their parents are working. I have looked after this little sweet pea for six weeks during part of May and June, three days a week and now she is coming four days a week.
Though it has been a great summer, we missed seeing her sweet face so often. Now Leah has her buddy back again to share all of life’s great experiences with.

We have now welcomed some boys into the mix on Monday who are sharing the day. It will be interesting to have a couple of boys in contrast to the girls. I know each child is born with their own personality but there is debate around the differences between boys and girls that goes beyond just personalities. Though this by no means is scientific in the slightest, I will still enjoy seeking out my own opinion as well as getting to know these kid’s personalities.

Each child is so unique and it is a true delight once you figure out all of their “ins” and “outs”. It takes awhile but is so rewarding being able to know what makes them laugh and cry, when they are ready for more stimulation or for a rest and when they are comfortable in your presence. I hope every child who enters our home feels known, welcomed and loved in addition to the basics of being cared for.

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  1. on 11 Sep 2009 at 12:07 am Alison

    Sandy, Dave and I feel very lucky that Liam will be spending time with you and Leah. We know it will be enriching for him to be in a different environment and interact with you both, but mostly we are grateful that such a wonderful Mommy will be caring for our little boy!

    Thank you

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