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The other day while I was reading a mommy blog post about making your own organic food economically, I was inspired to try make our own yogurt. I’ve watched Morgan make yogurt before when we were dating but as it can be quite time consuming, he never kept it up. I figured now that I am at home for most of the day and can fit it in the prep time during nap times and take a few seconds out of every hour to check the temperature, I might as well try. After gathering tips and comparing methods on the internet, I chose the easiest route and went to work.

Though it takes a lot of time, it is not a lot of work. After the initial steps of boiling the milk and getting everything ready, I only checked the temperature every half hour and only had to adjust it every hour. The whole process is quite simple involving just a few steps.

First, you bring milk to almost a boil before letting it cool and adding a few tablespoons of plain yogurt. Then you need to make sure the temperature stays pretty steady around one hundred ten degrees Fahrenheit for several hours as the milk thickens into yogurt. Once it is ready, you can add anything you want to the yogurt all at once. It is pretty sour plain so I added some maple syrup and jam as per many yogurt maker’s suggestions.


Here is the yogurt all done with the jam and syrup added ready to be put into containers before being refrigerated. The crock pot worked great keeping the temperature steady and heating slowly and evenly when necessary. Every hour or so I plugged it in for a little while to raise the temperature ten to fifteen degrees before leaving it be.

Leah has been enjoying the yogurt while I enjoy the fact she is getting important nutrients she is missing out on by refusing to drink milk. I have also been adding mashed bananas and applesauce for extra nutrition for Leah as well. This batch has turned out great so yogurt making will probably now be seen on a regular basis in my kitchen.

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