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Here are some little snapshots throughout our days of what Leah has been up to lately. She enjoys a variety of activities, some of which she has discovered and some which I have set out for her. I think you will be able to tell which ones she has chosen herself.

We received a great kid’s table to put in the eating area of the kitchen which Leah loves to sit at. Since Leah and her friends haven’t mastered keeping their colouring confined to a piece of paper, I covered the whole table with paper for them to go at it. As you can see, she likes to wear her hats periodically throughout the day.
I keep a large basket full of toys in the play area and occasionally move it to the room I’m working in to keep Leah entertained near me. She discovered this week that she can dump out all of it’s many contents all over the floor and jump in. How fun! Her next lesson will be to put everything back in.
Leah has learned how to climbed up to the top of the play structure and go down the slide all be herself. She was so proud the first time she did it herself and did it over and over again.
Sitting Leah on her own chair for dinner didn’t work out so well as she would get up and leave whenever she felt like it which was way before dinner was even close to being done. She ran off to try on some shoes, which is one of her favourite things to do. She especially dad’s sandals as they are easy to get on and usually readily available. I’m still not sure what to make of her facial expression.
Also very new, but not visually recorded is Leah’s new, one-nap-a-day routine. I definitely enjoyed the two naps for as long as it lasted but Leah was letting us know very loud and clear that one was good enough. One nap is okay with me as long as she is happy. This week has been a bit rough with the transition but I think we have it now mostly figured out which leaves more time for Leah to keep being busy.

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  1. on 04 Oct 2009 at 3:07 pm Lisett

    The last photo: ” you talkin’ to me? “

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