Life08 Oct 2009 03:20 pm

I took these pictures a little while ago after my first trip to a garden centre and was so excited to see some more colour in my garden. There have been bursts of purple every few weeks since we have moved in (I think they were going for a monochromatic garden) but now there are a few more hues to gaze your eyes upon. I also finally relocated some of my vegetable plants from their containers into the ground. Though the tomatoes are almost done, they look a lot better planted in the ground than in a pot placed on top of where they should be planted.
Two of my tomato plants did pretty good this year though I don’t think any of the cherry tomatoes made it into the house as I would snack on them as I picked them off the plant. When I was little I loved to eat tomatoes like you would eat an apple and apparently I would say “me mike matoes” as the juice would run down my chin. Some things never change.

I picked out the third plant at the nursery because of it’s variety which is money maker. I thought it was guarantee for lots of great, large tomatoes but apparently not everything is as it seems as the only fruit on it is two green tomatoes that don’t seem to be ripening.
I picked up a few pansies as well as some white and yellow mums. Here is one beautiful pot of mums from on of our housewarming guests. Our deck seems so much more cheerier and inviting with a few plants on it.
It soon will be time to plant some bulbs to help us welcome spring in a few months as we leave the garden to slumber over our cooler seasons. What a great sight those tulips, daffodils and hyacinth will be but for now, I will start adding a few more layers when we venture outside and explore with Leah and her friends all the beauty of autumn.

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