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Leah and her friends are growing up so fast. Though the developmental progress they make they days isn’t always as obvious as their first year, it is impressive none the less. Along with their increased independence, comes new activities we can do together.

I let the girls have fun ‘stirring’ some cookie dough as I added the ingredients before letting the mixer finish off the job. Their stirring was more like forcefully pounding their spoons up and down in the bowl. They also enjoyed trying some of the butter and sugar mixture that accidentally made its way on to the table out of the bowl.



Even though the temperature outside has dropped considerably, we still like to go and enjoy the park.



We generally do not stay out for long but it is a lovely break from the indoors.

A few mornings a week I have three nineteen month olds hanging out with me which makes for a fun, busy day. I waited and put off having three at a time for quite a few months as I was worried about how it would go. It is a lot easier than I thought as all the kids are great.

The one challenging point is getting them all down the stairs when we go outside. It is a little more difficult for them as well when they are dressed from head to toe for the cold weather as well. I have worked out a system and it seems to be working well. We generally hang out in the backyard on my busy days and are eagerly awaiting getting our own, small playground.

Since they don’t generally all finish lunch at the same time and I like to keep them all together, we have started a new routine. While they are waiting for their friends to finish up, they can look through books. It is something every daycare I worked in did to keep the fast eaters occupied with a quiet activity before rest time. The only difference is I keep the kiddies strapped in while they browse as they are still pretty young. It has worked out well so far on my busy days. She had a friend on either side of her when I took this picture.


Though they are growing older, I think apple sauce will still be a favourite for a long time to come.

adscf0185.jpg adscf0191.jpg

Yum Yum!

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