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A few weeks ago, I woke up to this sight out of my back window. What a great way to start the day.
When Leah wakes up, she loves to hang out with her buddies and check out our Christmas tree. She is pretty good about not taking the decorations off the tree and ignores most of the presents. I’m not sure why, but the present for her Uncle Mike is her favourite to tote around the living room. It is not breakable so I let her play with it as she loves to pull the tissue paper in and out.
I had a lot of fun decorating this year for Christmas as we now have lots of space. On top of our mantel I put some greens from our back yard along with some leftover greens from wreath making.
adscf0176.jpg adscf0180.jpg
I made up some pretty vases for my kitchen window along with one to grace my bathroom counter.
We found this nativity set at the flea market a few weeks ago. They are supposed to be tree ornaments but I like to use them in a nativity scene instead. I cut up some butcher paper in small strips and adding some greens and, voila, some hay and a shepherd’s field.
In our apartment, we had a little tree that we used a large vase for instead of a tree stand. This year we decided to go big as we now have the room.
Merry Christmas!

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