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Leah and Gabby love to wave goodbye to Morgan as he rides off to work as well as watch the garage/recycling truck atop of the book bench. Once they get down, it is back to work. Though Leah can’t identify her colours verbally, she knows how to match them up.
edscf0424.jpg edscf0430.jpg
Funky tights, funky hoodie, funky face, fun girls.
edscf0436.jpg edscf0438.jpg
Who knew hanging out in boxes and baskets in the kitchen could be so much fun? These best buddies can make fun out of anything.
Leah loves to have her fingers traced and has attempted to do it herself as well.
edscf0454.jpg edscf0455.jpg
Ready to paint.

A few things about Leah that I don’t want to forget
-she is 26 lbs and 31.5 inches tall
-knows lots of animal sounds
-says yes please and no thank you
-she adores her friends, especially Gabby who receives many hugs, kisses and shrieks of joy upon her arrival
-can identify head, eyes, eyebrow, cheeks, ears etc.
-loves to give her friends their sippy cups
-is a picky eater, would eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her
-loves cinnamon
-very determined
-will say ‘two’ after you say one
-does not like ponytails or clips in her hair
-loves bath time
-has had a few colds but overall been really healthy
-sleeps 8:00/30 till 7:30/8 most nights, sometimes wakes up for a soother, esp when under the weather
-takes a two and a half hour nap at noon
-identifies mommy’s and daddy’s things and will deliver them if she can (jackets, shoes)
-loves to go outside and doesn’t appreciate staying at home when she sees someone leaving
-can say grandma (mama) and grandpa (bampa)
-plays really well on her own as well as with friends

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  1. on 19 Jan 2010 at 11:16 pm lisett

    What a great idea to keep track of these special little details!! Lovin’ your cool camera angles too ;0)

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