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Leah and I went to visit the aquarium with a few of our mommy friends and their kiddies on Friday. My mom also came along to be an extra pair of hands as I was bringing my two favourite little girls. Here they are in all their cuteness waiting to enter. Once we were inside, the real fun began. There was so much to look at and explore while trying to keep up with the boys.
dscf0981-220×165.jpg dscf0984-165×220.jpg
There were tanks of sea creatures everywhere you looked. Some were full of colour while others were full of shades of gray. Others were full of fluttering motion while others were slow and graceful.
edscf0991.jpg dscf0986-220×165.jpg dscf1016-220×165.jpg
Leah and Gabby took it all in.
There is a cool spot just for kids under eight that all of them loved to explore. These bubbles that Leah was looking at kept coming up and would change colours every few seconds. They could also pretend to be vets and check out the seals. Leah was very hesitant at first but then once she saw Gabby petting the seal, she was all over it.
dscf1002-165×220.jpg dscf1014-165×220.jpg
There was a cool, mini aquarium next to the floor so all the little kids could peek in. Leah and her friends loved going under the tunnels that had fish in them. Leah always ducked even though there was lots of clearance. Better safe than sorry.
dscf0999-220×165.jpg dscf1004-165×220.jpg
We had a lot of fun and the girls enjoyed themselves too.
dscf1015-220×165.jpg dscf1017-220×165.jpg
We didn’t explore everything but what we saw was amazing. They have thought of so many interesting ways to show you the sea creatures and have thought of kids too. Lots of viewing areas are right to the floor so everyone can get a great view, they had a puppet show for the kids and a great play area for the kiddies too which made it a great day with great friends.

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