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On the May long weekend, we met up with some friends to see a parade in Cloverdale. Their little boy loves parades, especially when marching bands are involved so we thought Leah might like the parade experience too. We ended up sitting with some friends we happened to see while trying to find a spot. Leah moved from her spot only to get lollipops (though she didn’t know what they were and still doesn’t). Otherwise, she sat still for an hour and a half enthralled by all the floats and action. The lady next to Leah was super nice and loved watching the kids interact. By the end of the parade, Leah was cuddling up to her leg. I think Leah didn’t realize I was behind her and not beside her.

dscf1273-220×165.jpg dscf1272-220×165.jpg

dscf1279-220×165.jpg dscf1289-220×165.jpg

There were so many vehicles including some that didn’t seem that spectacular but now that I have a child I realized they were for the enjoyment of the children. Really, who else would cheer, wave and jump excitedly for a garbage truck?

dscf1290-220×165.jpg dscf1293-220×165.jpg

We thought of Grandma Fran when this group went by.

dscf1325-220×165.jpg dscf1326-220×165.jpg

There was quite a variety of floats and groups in the parade.


Before Leah, I didn’t go to many community events but now I am hooked. There are so many festivals and events that are fun for kids and adults alike and a lot of them are inexpensive or free. I think we may just join the parade circuit as spectators.

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