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I like to do a variety of art projects with the kiddies to keep me and them from getting bored. I do need to keep it really simple as they are still learning the basics of painting and gluing. As they develop more mastery in these areas, we can move on to actually creating something recognizable. To liven things up a bit, we used colourful tissue paper to glue onto our papers instead of regular paper. Exciting, I know.

Here is my karate girl or a shepherd from the church Christmas production. Your choice. I had some left over fabric and had a little fun with Leah.

dscf1270-220×165.jpg dscf1355-165×220.jpg

Painting and making a necklace out of salt dough beads.
dscf1361-165×220.jpg dscf1370-165×220.jpg


My mom bought a present for Leah and her friends to play with while in Vancouver.

Any guesses?








How about now?








I think I was more excited than Leah was. They actually work properly and now Leah won’t have to attempt to use my marble one (that she dropped on her toe the other day). The kiddies haven’t figured out how to press hard enough while rolling to flatten their dough much but all in time and they have fun just rolling it.


Their attention span is growing, which I think is just lovely, so we can stay at the table longer than five minutes. Playdough seems to be the great, old standby that kids of all ages enjoy and when it gets old, we get to create some more.

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