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Summer has felt so relaxing thus far. I feel so free with a much lighter work load. When I want to meet up with friends there is no rush to try squeeze in a quick visit after work but before I need to start on dinner. I can clean the whole house in one morning. I no longer need to plan play dates days in advance. I can hang out the laundry whenever I want to. I am able to pick berries and make jam on a weekday. (A luxurious lifestyle I know:) )

I’m starting to get accustomed to this relaxed lifestyle and am slightly worried September will be a shock to the system. I’ve been blessed to have some friends who aren’t working during the summer and we have lots of opportunities to hang out with our kiddies who are great friends too. September will be a little easier knowing they will be back to work as well and Leah will be able to hang out with her friends at our house during the day.

We visited Redwood Park on Friday with a few friends. We were the first to arrive so I got to enjoy some one on one time with Leah. She loved trying out all the equipment. She even wanted to try out the big slide by herself but got scared once she up to the top.

dscf1617-165×220.jpg dscf1619-220×165.jpg

There is a big merry-go-around at the park that Leah enjoyed. She didn’t want to sit so I let her hold on to the pole instead.

dscf1620-165×220.jpg dscf1621-220×165.jpg

Today we checked out the Tour de White Rock. We arrived just as most of the booths were shutting down and getting ready for the criterium. The criterium was thirty laps, a kilometre each, around the heart of White Rock. Leah sat and waited very patiently for the race to start. We picked out who were we going to cheer for and got Leah in on the clapping.

dscf1632-165×220.jpg dscf1631-165×220.jpg

Leah got a little restless near the end of the race so Morgan walked her around a bit. I got into the race as the guy we were cheering for started off well, then petered out to last place but slowly made his way up to third place until the last corner where he was involved in a large pile up. He was okay and did make his way to the finish line once he got himself and his bike sorted out.


It was so nice to enjoy the outdoors and community with our whole family.

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