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Leah is such a little girl these days, leaving her baby ways far behind her. Most nights she sleeps on the mattress in the floor on her home. She can master all the equipment (except for the swings) on our local, little playground on her own. She can drink from a normal glass with no problem. Leah loves to talk up a storm and narrate what is going on around her. She loves seeing buses drive by and looking out for diggers.


Leah has also become more opinionated about how things should be. She will argue the funniest things. We were at a coffee shop the other night and Morgan asked her if she wanted to sit on the chair with him. As it was upholstered and a large chair, Leah was convinced it was a couch and would ‘correct’ Morgan every time he called it a chair.

One of her new favourite phrases is “do it in myself” which generally works out fairly well. Translated that means she wants to do it by herself. Her dexterity is coming along so she can be quite helpful. Just last week she has starting insisting on climbing into the car on her own and into the car seat. I love it as it no longer means trying to lift her at funny angles so I don’t bump her head every time we go in the car.

She also likes to dictate her hairstyle of choice for the day. I’ve fallen in love with the double ponytail though after a week straight of ponytails, she seems to be favouring the au natural look. The hairstyle that looks like I haven’t washed her hair in weeks with hair constantly in her eyes. It definitely isn’t her best look but I haven’t broken that news to her yet.


One last story that I though was quite funny. We were mostly done eating dinner and encouraging Leah to finish the food left on her plate.

Me: Leah, are you going to eat your chicken or your potatoes?
Leah: Chicken
Leah plays with a piece of chicken
Me: Bok, bok, bok
Leah continues to play with chicken
Me: Leah, eat your chicken
Leah:No, it’s an animal
Morgan and I chuckle to ourselves while worrying about how to deal with future vegetarianism and excessive playing with food as Leah continues to prance her piece of chicken around the table.
Leah eats the chicken and we sigh with relief.

I love conversations with toddlers.

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  1. on 14 Aug 2010 at 6:08 pm katherine

    She’s so cute!!

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