Life24 Nov 2010 09:22 pm

Leah and I were waiting in the Doctor’s office a few weeks ago, doodling on a notepad I brought along for her to colour on. She recently learned how to write a the letter ‘o’. It’s big and messy but it is an ‘o’ and she is proud. I was writing out her name and she asked me to write an ‘o’. I explained that she does not have the letter ‘o’ in her name. She was sad about this realization so I told her she does have an ‘a’ which is an ‘o’ with a line on the side. She was still disappointed about the lack of an ‘o’ in her name, even after I told her I like her name just the way it is.

She is quite the character. Just look at this face, I can’t help but smile too.

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