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I may have gone to town with Christmas baking this year…
We had our extended family Christmas get together at Morgan’s mom’s house last weekend. We brought some gingerbread houses Morgan carefully constructed with graham crackers so the kids could decorate them. As Leah gets older, it is so much fun to see her participating in more and more activities. I wasn’t sure how well she would do or her interest hold up but was happy to see she did most of it herself while sitting on Morgan’s lap.
dscf2387-220×165.jpg dscf2388-220×165.jpg

dscf2389-165×220.jpg dscf2390-220×165.jpg

On Sunday evening we went out to a Christmas parade in Cloverdale. We sat on a blanket on the roadside while eating our dinner as we watched the semis and other participants go by.
dscf2392-165×220.jpg dscf2394-165×220.jpg

dscf2395-220×165.jpg dscf2396-220×165.jpg

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  1. on 10 Dec 2010 at 9:05 am katherine

    Wow. You did go to town on Christmas baking. I don’t make too much otherwise I end up eating it before anyone else gets a chance to!

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