Life10 Mar 2011 10:52 pm

I’m glad that you have been feeling warm and snug inside of me for the past nine months. It has been a pretty good run. I had almost no nausea or any other discomfort with you inside me except for the typical tiredness in the first few months. As much as you growing tired me out, caring for a few toddlers during weekdays magnifies the effect.

Your daddy and I were ecstatic when we found out about you and my eyes teared up when I first saw your heart beating on the ultrasound screen back in August. Since then, everything has been going smoothly. We got to ‘see’ you again when you were eighteen weeks and I got another look a couple of weeks ago to make sure you were still growing. (My belly was measuring smaller than the week before but you had just dropped).

Your big sister loves going to visit the doctor with me to check on our health. Leah turns the heartbeat doppler on and puts it on my belly to listen to your heart. You have been growing steadily and all our doctor’s visits have been pretty routine.

As much as we love feeling you kick and hiccup inside of me, we would really like to meet you. I am so eager to hold you in my arms and check you out. Are you a sweet little boy or girl? Will you look like your big sister with a touch of reddish blonde hair and dark eyes or will you have blonde hair with light blue eyes?

I’m looking forward to seeing Leah interact with you. I’m sure she will love you and want to hold you. I’m awaiting the time when we can all be home as a family and build up a routine and start figuring out how our life will be as a family of four.

So baby, in short, we love you lots and we would really like to meet you soon. We’ve been waiting for your imminent arrival for a few weeks now as you have dropped and everything looks good to go. Everything is ready for you; your crib is set up, the change table is ready with freshly washed clothes, your car seat is installed and names are settled upon. We eagerly await kissing your forehead and counting your little toes…

Your mommy

P.S. Tomorrow would be a great day to make an appearance.

2 Responses to “Dear Baby,”

  1. on 11 Mar 2011 at 2:18 pm Laura

    So is the plea working? This is so cute.
    I think the next entry needs to be you standing up as a parent Sandy! ” Dear baby- GET OUT- NOW!!!! Love mommy”

  2. on 12 Mar 2011 at 10:49 pm Alison

    What a lovely message to your baby. Something he or she will treasure when they are older. Now come on baby!

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