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Here are some tidbits and stories from the past week that I want to remember.

I had amazing nurses in the hospital. I was induced and my labour took a long time to really start so we had lots of time to chat and watch TV. We found out that I went to youth group with the nurse’s next door neighbour and her son is going to the same university Morgan graduated from. We watched Christy Clark get sworn into office and even watched Coronation Street as my nurse loves that show. I told her we could watch it only if she would explain who was who and what was going on. That show is crazy full of drama and dysfunctional people. I was extra thankful for my sane family after that.

I also had two good friends come visit me in labour which felt really weird. (They had appointments that day at the hospital.) I loved seeing them and chatting, it was just that this experience was so much different from when I had Leah. With Leah I arrived at the hospital seven centimeters dilated and in hard labour and would not have wanted anyone I know besides Morgan anywhere close.

When my mom told Leah that the baby inside me was had come out, Leah replied saying the baby has come out and now it has to go back in. I’m so thankful that he is out to stay.

Joel has been such a laid-back, easy babe so far. Last night I didn’t get much sleep but the night before he did a five hour stretch of sleep which I desperately needed and was so thankful for.

Since Morgan has tons of work to do, I took the kids to my mom’s today. (It feels so weird to say kids instead of Leah.) Joel had his first bath since the hospital. It was quite the sight as everyone wanted in on the action. My aunt was so excited to help and put the water in the tub and laid out everything we needed. My mom was helping too while my sister took mental notes as she is expecting her first in a few weeks. Meanwhile I was holding Joel and trying to find enough room to wash him properly.

Leah has been doing pretty good though she is definitely going through an adjustment period. When I got home from the hospital she didn’t want to leave my side and wanted to hold hands wherever we went. So that is what we did as I went around the house unpacking our hospital bags and cleaning up. The first night home I got Morgan to watch Joel for a bit so Leah and I could have some special time together.

Today Leah and I got out for a little tricycle ride down my mom’s street. It was great to have some time with just the two of us while Grandma happily watched Joel.

We’ve been really busy celebrating Morgan’s graduation from phase two of his self-employment program as well as adjusting to our new family life while trying to get some rest. Everything has been going really well and I’ll share some pictures and more stories soon.

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