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Leah will be heading off to preschool come September and I am so excited. I’m excited not for a few hours each week without my not so little girl as much as I’m excited because I know what kind of experience this will be for her. I’ve helped teach the program she will be going through, I know the teachers will be phenomenal and I’m sure Leah will make new friends, enjoy playing and soak up all the learning which all adds up to an amazing first school experience for Leah. Here she is at the open house.

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Most of the time, I am with Leah morning, noon and night. I get to see her experience life as she grows in front of my eyes. I do not take our time together for granted though a break once in awhile is great and makes me realize all the more how special my daughter is. At the moment, Leah is with Grandma and Grandpa and the house is so quiet.

With Leah joining more activities as she gets older, I am in a role reversal from being the teacher and caregiver to now the parent. I am asking how she is doing in her class and if she interacts with the other kids. At church during the mom’s morning I go to weekly, Leah goes to her own special class for a couple of hours. I was asked by a caregiver if she talks much at home. I was shocked as Leah will ramble on and on about anything and everything. I left her colouring a picture at the table one morning and when I went to pick her up she had only recently left her post colouring even though she was invited to join other activities.

I like to hear how she is with others and it gives me so much more perspective. At home Leah is an outgoing, confident girl but when she feels insecure, she is shy and withdrawn, especially when Morgan and I are not present. Morgan and I discuss with her how much fun she has had in a new situation with hopes that she will remember that experience when she is feeling shy.

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Ever since I first left Leah in the nursery at church, I understand the parents of the children I have taught over the years so much more. I now know the depth of a parent’s heart that their child can hold. I now know why they want so many details and how important those details are to them.

Very recently Leah has discovered her voice in front of others and will talk to strangers or anyone who comes to the door and proclaim some bit of news that is important to her at the moment. She loves to tell people she is a big sister and her brother’s name is Joel Thomas. Sometimes she will go on for a bit telling them about her day and recent events. I love seeing Leah blossom and grow.

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  1. on 25 Apr 2011 at 7:01 pm katherine

    I love seeing her grow too!

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