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After work relaxing on the couch takes on a different feel after having children.
Monkey see, monkey do.
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Leah loves to hang out on the deck. Joel was sleeping inside so I asked her to tell me if Joel was crying while I cut the back lawn. I reviewed the instructions, asking her what to do if Joel cried. She responded by saying, “put the soother in his mouth”. I reviewed the instructions again saying Joel would be hungry and she passed the test the second time. Then she was concerned she might not hear Joel through the screen door. I reassured her that the screen door wouldn’t be a problem. Joel was only about four feet away.

I knew I would be able to hear Joel cry within half a minute of him crying as we have a rotary mower and a small back yard but it was awesome seeing Leah taking her job so seriously. Every once in awhile she would call loudly to me saying Joel’s not crying yet mommy. I would stop cutting the grass, ready to run upstairs when she would repeat herself while I silently hoped Joel would sleep through her yelling.
I told Leah she needed to wear a hat now that the sun is out and summer is coming and she insisted on wearing a toque. I eventually convinced her of the merits of a ‘new’ pink hat. She also told me today while I turned the water on full blast for her to wash her hands at the bathroom sink that it was too much water and I was making the fish sick. She has got the conservation part down now, just need to work on the education.
Joel loves hanging out with his sheep. He is so smiley now and coos when he is happy. He also loves staring at his fist when it happens to be in his line of sight. Good times!

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  1. on 22 May 2011 at 9:03 am katherine

    Awww..Leah is so great!

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