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For the long weekend, we headed out to Oroville to spend sone time at the lake with my parents and brother. We had a great time relaxing and having fun. Morgan and I even snuck out for a date leaving both kids at the cabin. We had a two hour window to try and find some fun in a very small town. We had to pick up a few things from the grocery store before we headed down the main drag to find a restaurant to have some dessert. After enjoying some cake, we checked out the new development before heading back. It was so nice to have some time together alone.

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Leah loved to watch the boats and ski-doos on the water. When Leah saw my uncle backing up his van into the water, getting his back tires wet while launching the boat, she said, “no, no, the van can’t go in the water”. There was lots to see and explain. She was also worried about people on the boat going into the water as well as the girls who were going tubing. When she saw a skier bail, she worried if theirs eyes were closed. Leah didn’t want to leave her viewpoint until the couldn’t see any boats anymore.


Last year, Leah was not a fan of the boat. This year we started slow and she even wanted to stay on to watch my cousin and brother ski. She started asking to go back to Grandma so we headed back to the cabin and then I went out on the boat for a bit with my cousin and brother. I even went for a ski. I adore my kids and love spending time with them but it was also so refreshing to have some time not being concerned about dirty diapers, tantrums or crying.

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While in the boat, Leah wanted to be very close to Morgan or I. Here is her uncle Trevor skiing.

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