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I am loving being a mother of two. Leah and Joel are at such fun stages right now and I am savouring this time alone with them at home, though we are rarely at home or alone which makes life a lot of fun these days. Not that we aren’t without challenges but the joys far surpass them in every way.

Leah is so inquisitive and I love seeing and exploring the world afresh through the eyes of a three year old. Joel is so smiley and even gives us a chuckle every now and then. I love hearing him ‘talk’ to us and am in total denial that he is almost three months old.

Leah loves to hang out with Joel. She is usually really good with him or just plays on her own most of the time. When she gets bored then I need to step in as she gets right in his face or is a little too rough. I think she uses Joel to get attention as she knows I won’t ignore her when she is crossing boundaries with him. I try to have some activities for her to do in the back of my mind that she hasn’t done in awhile and then she is back to playing by herself contentedly. She loves to colour on the windows with special window markers, cut up newspaper flyers, play with her babies, push her shopping cart around filling it with random items and playing dress up with her magnetic dolls.

dscf3179-220×165.jpg dscf3181-220×165.jpg

I love to watch Leah try to get Joel to smile. She knows exactly what to do and mimics us which is entertaining. Leah loves him a lot and will protect him and stand up for him if she thinks someone might hurt him or is being too loud. Leah likes to pretend to be baby Leah. Here she is hanging out with Joel while pretending to be a baby. I shake a toy in front of them and she smiles her great, big, cheesy smile.

dscf3186-220×165.jpg dscf3187-220×165.jpg

Joel is a big drooler. I’m not a big fan of bibs but it beats changing his shirt four times a day.

I had some extra time getting ready for church this morning and decided to actually put some time into how I looked this morning. A successful clothes shopping trip and running so I can fit back into my regular clothes was a big motivator. Joel and Leah already had had their morning baths and had breakfast and were entertaining themselves which helped as well. Leah saw me curl my hair and wanted some curls too. She sat and held her head very patiently as I handled the curling iron.

dscf3191-220×165.jpg dscf3193-220×165.jpg

She looked so much more mature with curls and I loved how it turned out. Usually she doesn’t want me to put clips or anything else in her hair so most days her hair looks a little out of sorts and she has to keep putting it out of her face. Last week she got asked by one the asian guys at our local veggie store if that was her hairstyle. I wasn’t sure how to respond as his hair looked very similar to hers.

dscf3194-220×165.jpg dscf3195-220×165.jpg

Leah likes to pick out her own clothes and definitely has a unique sense of style (if you can call her style a style). On Sundays I like to pick out her clothes for her or limit her choices to a couple of dresses. Though I don’t dress up much for Sunday, I like Leah in a dress when we go to church and if she lets me do her hair nicely, it is a bonus.

dscf3196-220×165.jpg dscf3197-220×165.jpg

I love dressing my little boy as well. We have been blessed through gifts and hand me downs so I have only bought a few things for him. I have all his and Leah’s clothes organized by size in her bedroom and with summer coming, they both have almost completely new wardrobes. I had fun looking through their new (and new to us) clothes and putting some of the sweaters and warmer stuff away.

Here Joel is, sleeping away through most of our shenanigans this morning on his changing area in the bathroom. What a cutie.


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