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Leah is growing up in so many ways and it seems to take me by surprise a lot. We were in the elevator at church and I asked her to push the button and she turns to me and says, “that is a “m”. There are two “m’s”. M is for mommy.” I do not remember teaching her that so it must have been Morgan.

Her conversations with her friends are quite adorable (except when there is yelling or crying involved) and now involve questions and negotiating, Here is a sample:

Let’s go play on the slide.
What if we go play in the sand?
Okay. Follow me.
Where is the sand?
Over there.
And then we will play on the slide.

Leah has started to enjoy walking. I still take the double stroller in case she changes her mind when we walk to our friend’s house as it is a good distance for little legs. When we walk through one of the parks, she would take about five steps before intentionally falling down because that is what she saw one of her friends do.

dscf3213-220×165.jpg dscf3214-220×165.jpg

She looks so grown up with braids in her hair. I love it. It is nice to see her whole face as well.

dscf3212-165×220.jpg dscf3217-165×220.jpg

Joel chilling with his cool hat while Leah helps me with the laundry. I’m sure these cloths won’t blow away though I may have to buy some more clothespins.

dscf3226-220×165.jpg dscf3201-220×165.jpg

Joel spends time in his stroller staring at random toys while Leah explores the landscape.

dscf3205-220×165.jpg dscf3235-165×220.jpg

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