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We’ve been up to Oroville a few times this year already and have enjoyed the change of pace. Leah loves to play with the water in the kiddie pool for hours each day. She enjoyed the addition of a few water bottles to her few water toys.
dsc_0613-220×147.JPG dscf3308-165×220.jpg
Here’s Joel hanging out in the stroller. He loves to be able to sit up now so her can see what is going on around him. Morgan had to go home early to work but it was great to still talk and see him through the computer.
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At the cabin there is always lots of Grandma (and Grandpa) time.
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Leah got her nails painted for the first time and loved it. She picked bright blue for her toe nails.
A few pictures from home as well. Leah loves to be in pictures with Joel.
dscf3325-165×220.jpg dscf3331-165×220.jpg
There is lots of time to try get a few nice pictures.
dsc_0002-220×147.JPG dsc_0014-220×147.JPG dsc_0513_053jpg-220×147.JPG dsc_0539-220×147.JPG dsc_0541-220×147.JPG dsc_0542-220×147.JPG dsc_0549-220×147.JPG dsc_0553-147×220.JPG dsc_0556-220×147.JPG dsc_0558-220×147.JPG dsc_0564-220×147.JPG dsc_0565-220×147.JPG dsc_0578-220×147.JPG dsc_0588-220×147.JPG dsc_0591-220×147.JPG dsc_0598-220×147.JPG dsc_0612-147×220.JPG

A little Joel update:
He weighed 15lbs3oz and was 25″ long at his four month dr’s appointment. His hand-eye coordination has really progressed. He is getting really good at seeing a toy held in front of him, grabbing it, and holding onto it for a good time while stuffing at far into his mouth as it will go. Joel loves to stand up with underarm support. He lifts his head up and looks around during tummy time. He likes to sleep on his side and kicks his blankets off. Joel is now in 9 month sleepers. My kids outgrow sleepers because of their feet. I’ve never thought my kids had big feet but maybe they do.

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  1. on 12 Aug 2011 at 11:24 pm Laura

    The pictures are just gorgeous! I love the one of Leah and Joel on the couch and the one where Leah is just grinning right into the camera. So cute are your kids!

  2. on 13 Aug 2011 at 8:55 pm katherine

    Such adorable pictures!!

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