Life12 Sep 2011 09:54 am

Joel is just shy of six months so we have starting feeding him some rice cereal. He was super eager to grab the bowl and spoon.
dscf5104-220×165.jpg dscf5105-220×165.jpg
I don’t think he is too crazy about actually eating it. I tried a little bit and I don’t blame him.
Leah had her first day of preschool last Thursday. Her preschool does gradually entry so her first class was only an hour. She did great and seemed to really enjoy it. Leah didn’t want us to leave but didn’t put up a fuss when we left. When I peeked in the window, she was playing with ponies happily with one of her teachers. Morgan was able to walk to preschool with us to see Leah off to her first day.

When I came to pick her up, her face lit up and ran over to give me a great, big hug. So precious!
dscf5110-165×220.jpg dscf5115-165×220.jpg

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