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It has been a very busy month with me preparing to get my daycare licensed as well as Morgan working hard on his business as well. Here is an update of the past month.

At the end of every month, Leah’s preschool invites parents to a small presentation so the teachers and kids can share a little of what they have learned that month. Leah has done great during the presentations, doing the actions and participating and following directions to a tee. She rushed over, passing a few kids in line so she could put her feet on the performance line.
dscf5162-165×220-165×220.JPG dscf5164-165×220-165×220.JPG
Leah was invited to a princess party so we decided to dress her up a bit. Morgan put ‘blobs’ in her hair after her bath the night before.
dscf5204-220×165.jpg dscf5208-220×165.jpg
I felt a bit like a pageant mom. I’m so not a girly girl but Leah loves all things girly. She loves rings, sparkly shoes, make up and all things pretty.
dscf5212-165×220.jpg dscf5215-165×220.jpg
Cinderella came too.
dscf5222-165×220.jpg dscf5226-220×165.jpg
Morgan spends time with Joel in his office so I can have some time to get things done. A few activities they do together include spinning on the second office chair.
dscf5231-220×165.jpg dscf5235-220×165.jpg
I guess sitting on the floor playing with toys wasn’t exciting enough.
Morgan and Leah carve their pumpkins together every year. Morgan let Leah use a sharp knife for the first time but she was quite hesitant.
dscf5245-220×165.jpg dscf5247-220×165.jpg
She had a lot of fun helping though. After Morgan was done carving his, he cut it up to cook it to make the pumpkin ready for pie.
dscf5249-165×220.jpg dscf5250-220×165.jpg
Joel has been up like this for a little bit now and in this past weekend, he has been moving purposefully across the room. He keeps his one foot still under him most of the time so then he can return to sitting up. When he is up on all fours in the crawling position, he ends up on his stomach once he gets tired, which happens pretty quick.
dscf5252-220×165.jpg dscf5256-220×165.jpg
He loves his food and is eating about three baby food cubes at every meal.
dscf5258-220×165.jpg dscf5259-220×165.jpg
On October 27, Joel’s first tooth popped up. He is going down to bed at 8:30ish and getting up around 5 am to eat and then back to sleep until 8ish. He is eating breakfeast, lunch and dinner with us. Joel is still a happy, laid back babe most of the time. Leah is awesome with him and will sing patty cake or other songs to keep him happy for me if I need a few more minutes is he is fussy.
Leah is loving preschool and cubbies, her church preschool program. She is learning a lot. Leah is very much a mother hen with Joel and when her friends come over. She likes to correct and instruct everyone.

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  1. on 16 Nov 2011 at 10:53 pm Laura

    Oh my goodness! How adorable is the princess?? Love it. Joel in the laundry basket= classic!

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