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Last Wednesday Joel rolled from back to front a few times. I also made him cry for the first time (kind of intentionally but not really). He bit me and I said in a rather stern, loud voice, “no!”. His face scrunched and he teared up and my heart broke. He didn’t seem to impressed by attempts to be consoled by the one who just scared him which tugged at my heart strings all the more. On a happier note, he also rode in a shopping cart for the first time. It was a ‘car’ shopping cart so he was Leah’s passenger and happy as a clam to go along for the ride.

On Thursday he was practicing his crawling skills and ended up with his stomach on the floor. I was waiting for him to politely ask for help express his irritation on being stuck before I helped him as I was cuddling a newborn and didn’t want to disturb anyone else. I guess he realized his predicament in being stuck and figured out how to get back up on all fours and then return to sitting.

A first for me this week was being up for long periods of time in the middle of the night with a hurting child. That’s not to say my children have never kept me up at night but just not due to sickness. I’ve been so blessed by the health of our children (which I take very little responsibility for). I’m not sure if it was teeth or an upset stomach or some other random cause, all I know is that he slept much better once Tylenol was administered and that I should have given it to him five hours earlier.

I very rarely give my kids medication of any kind as they rarely are sick and I don’t like taking medication however, it didn’t even cross my mind in my weary state till much too late. I still feel like a first time parent with Joel occasionally. Sometimes in learning the hard way like this and other times in my great excitement for new milestones (e.g. new tooth). Anyways, once he was sleeping, I heard Leah was awake so I got her from her room and we went on an adventure first thing while still wearing our pajama tops. We put on some lounge pants and went off to the store for some more Tylenol as it was all gone and a snack as Leah hadn’t eaten breakfast. I was amazed at how many people were out and about at just after eight in the morning. My kids sleep in (as do I most days) which I’m very grateful for. Funny how life goes on even when your not up to see it go round.

Leah quotes:
“Is it tomorrow yet?”

When asking about who is Grandma’s mom, I explained that she had died and was no longer around. Leah said that was sad and asked why she had to die. I told her that Grandma’s mom was very, very old and was sick. Then, not sure if she knew the meaning of death, I asked her what does it mean to die and Leah responded that it meant going to the doctor.

I was going to pick up something off of Craig’s list and Leah asked if I was going to take it. I said I was going to and she replied with that wouldn’t be nice. I explained that I was going to pay her for it but Leah still wasn’t too convinced. After I returned to the car when I picked it up, Leah asked if she said yes, meaning that we could have it and she was pretty happy about that

I can’t think of any more but I’ll keep adding them as they come, because there is lots of good ones these days.

The baby gate is up now full time as Joel is getting around in good time these days. He usually naps just once a day for a couple of hours in the afternoon but will have a morning and afternoon nap if he falls asleep earlier. He is also starting to babble away, mostly saying ba, ba, ba. Joel is growing up quickly these days and I’m reveling in his achievements.

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