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We went to visit my Mom at work and see the farm all decorated up for Christmas. Grandma gave Leah a gingerbread cookie and we got to go on a horse drawn wagon ride.
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The farm seems so peaceful with a blanket of snow.
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We went to back to my mom’s house where Leah played outside with my mom in the snow. The following week Morgan and I were teaching Sunday school and telling the story of how an angel came to visit Mary. There were wooden blocks to build Mary’s house, some animal costumes for the stable and playdough to make angels out of. When asked what an angel looks like, Leah immediately went on the ground and showed her friends how she made her snow angel and explained that that is how angels look. There isn’t a lot of talk about angels around our house I guess. I struggle to explain how angels look as I’ve never seen one.
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Leah and Joel have been interacting more since he’s found new freedom in crawling. Joel looks across the room, sees something he wants, gets really excited (breathing faster and making excited noises) and then starts crawling with great anticipation. He isn’t upset yet if you take something away from him.
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He puts anything and everything into his mouth. On the second picture, Joel has just the end of the string in his mouth. Joel got his second tooth a week ago Wednesday.
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Leah and I have been working on some Christmas cards. This is her smile for the camera.
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Joel puts these fridge magnets in his mouth a lot and then crawls all through the house. A few of them have been dropped down the stairwell.
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Leah had her November presentation at preschool on Tuesday. She was very serious and made sure she followed everything the teacher was doing and saying to them. I love to watch her and her whole class perform.
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Attempting to get a nice picture of Leah and Joel.
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The other day, I was hanging out in the kitchen with Leah and Joel putting together some gingerbread houses. I had Joel’s chair next to me (which has been deeply coveted by Leah) but had put Joel on the floor to crawl around. Leah wanted to go in it so she asked Joel if she could. She continued this conversation, answering for both her and Joel, with Joel’s voice being very high pitched. It continued like this:
-Joel, but I really want to sit in your chair.
-No, I won’t let you sit in my chair.
-Mommy, Joel won’t let me sit in his chair.
I answered saying I do not break up fictitious arguments as I lifted her up into Joel’s chair.

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