Life20 Jun 2012 08:53 pm

We have been having a really busy month. A good month but busy. Sod has been transplanted over flower garden. Vegetable garden has been weeded. Playground retaining wall built. Pea gravel wheelbarrowed.


(Don’t let this picture fool you, this represents hours upon hours of blood, sweat and tears. Actually, just sweat and many, many hours – but not even much sweat with this wet, cool June. It also represents how blessed we are with amazing family and friends who helped complete this project by providing childcare, manual labour, knowledge and even a cement mixer to bring us pea gravel).

Family has been visited. We’ve eaten with friends. The doorbell keeps ringing with kids needing care. Preschool is finishing off.


Cuddles have been given. Steps taken. (Joel decided last Friday that he wanted to start walking unprompted and took 24 steps on his own at the playground. A big leap from the 4-5 steps he would take between Morgan and I.) Life savoured. New knowledge learned. God has been so good.

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