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Joel has become very attached to his hat. Every time he sees it, he wants it and will wear it all day happily. If you want to create a fight, just touch, or even worse, take his hat. At nap time he would get frustrated as when he put his head down to go to sleep, his hat would fall off. His hat attachment has seemed to wane a bit in these past couple of weeks but he still likes it a lot.
Here he is first thing in the morning.
On our frequent walks to the park in the mornings, Leah and her pal climb on this barrier fence every time and wait for the stroller and the younger crew to catch up.
We follow the path up to this stump where it is mandatory, if you are able, to jump off. Joel has begun climbing on it and I help him ‘jump’.
dscf6541-165×220.jpg dscf6544-165×220.jpg
In the van. Leah goes to preschool three days a week now and loves it. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I load up five kids in the van to take her and her pal there. The process is pretty smooth while involving a wagon, baby carrier, 2 backpacks, 2 lunch kits and lots of buckles and little hands.
Here’s Joel having his first bowl of Cheerios and milk alongside Leah.
dscf6547-220×165.jpg dscf6549-220×165.jpg
We went to the pumpkin patch this year with a group of friends and had a great time. There were cute little bunnies and a petting zoo with goats.
dscf6551-165×220.jpg dscf6552-165×220.jpg

Tractor pics.
dscf6560-220×165.jpg dscf6554-220×165.jpg
The picture of Joel is from last year and the picture of Leah from two years ago as last year she did not want to go anywhere near the tractor.
dscf5183-165×220.jpg dscf2064-165×220.jpg

There was an old ship for the kids to climb on and play in.
The corn maze to get to the pumpkins.

The other night I peeked in on Leah before going to bed and found her laying on top of her covers with a tutu and her slipper-clogs on.

Joel no longer has a soother anymore and doesn’t seem to care when others around him have one. It was the easiest transition ever. He would lay down without one a night so I didn’t give it to him and he didn’t fuss. I eased him of off it for naps and now he is totally fine. I’m so glad it went so well as taking it from Leah at 2.5 was quite the ordeal, though most of her friends gave it up smoothly.

I’m loving fall this year. It has rained only once for part of the day and been so sunny outside, short sleeves are called for. We’ve had beans, potatoes and tomatoes from the garden as well as 2 big pumpkins we haven’t cut up yet. I’m really enjoying watching Joel experience fall. Joel loves throwing leaves up into the air and jumping into a leaf pile. He’s only gone puddle jumping once this year but it was a big hit too.

That’s enough randomness for one post. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. on 06 Oct 2012 at 12:31 pm Katherine

    So cute about Joel sleeping with his hat. And I just want to say I am very jealous about Joel giving up his soother. I’d rather have R have an attachment to a hat than a soother. It WILL be an ordeal to get it away from her. 😉

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