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On Thanksgiving day it was so warm we sat out in the sun and ate cookies, cheese and crackers for snack in the morning. Grandma was in charge of the snack menu and my kids were delighted, especially Leah. Joel loved holding his huge cookie but only took a few bites.

Morgan is taking two courses towards his Masters in Computer Science along with working full time in Vancouver which leaves him a very busy man. I came over with the kids in the morning so he could work in peace for a few hours before joining us. We brought over Leah’s bike and with the help of Grandma and Grandpa, she learned how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels. She still needs help starting off and she rides really slow but she gets it. Someone runs right beside her as she can only last for about 20-30 seconds but I’m so proud. She borrowed a Strider running bike from a friend which is where she learned how to balance and that helped a lot.
Uncle Chris carved Leah’s pumpkin with her.
dscf6582-165×220.jpg dscf6583-220×165.jpg
Joel played the wind chimes.
Over the past week or so, Joel has developed a big love of trains. Joel made this track on his own. He will play quietly on his own for a long time setting up the track and moving the train along while making car noises.
The rain has come and we are determined to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.
dscf6589-165×220.jpg dscf6591-165×220.jpg

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