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Leah and Joel have been practicing riding their bikes at my parents. I only took video of Leah so no pictures but she is doing awesome. She needs a second or two of help starting and can only stop using her feet but can go for a long while on her own. I’m so proud of her. Joel rides this trike by moving it with his feet without the pedals.
dscf6655-165×220.jpg dscf6656-165×220.jpg
I want to be more intentional about taking pictures together as a family. Even if they aren’t great with everyone looking and smiling, they show us being together which I think is important.
dscf6657-220×165.jpg dscf6660-220×165.jpg
dscf6663-220×165.jpg dscf6665-220×165.jpg
I don’t get very much one on one time with Joel (in part I’m to blame as I try to be productive after my daycare kids leave and make dinner and clean). I treasure the time I have no expectations but to be spend quality time with them. Leah was off with Grandpa running some errands so I recruited Joel to help my mom and I make pudding. He refused to try it along with refusing chocolate cake and brownies.
dscf6667-165×220.jpg dscf6668-165×220.jpg
dscf6674-165×220.jpg dscf6675-165×220.jpg
Leah painting like the artist she is learning about in preschool, Georges Seurat who painting only using little dots. It sounds all so academic.
dscf6677-165×220.jpg dscf6678-165×220.jpg
Joel loves puddle jumping, even when he falls because of the dip in the ground.
dscf6680-220×165.jpg dscf6681-165×220.jpg
Leah and her buddy thought it might snow sometime soon so they were adamant about wearing snow gear.
dscf6682-165×220.jpg dscf6683-165×220.jpg
Getting ready for preschool.
I took the kids to a Christmas carnival today. Leah had a blast with a good friend while Joel alternated between watching them partake in the activities and wandering around with me bringing him back to the group when he went too far.
dscf6692-165×220.jpg dscf6695-165×220.jpg

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