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This past summer felt relaxing and busy at the same time. Leah went to kid’s camp at church for the first time this year. I left Joel with a friend for most of the week while I was volunteering. I had fun hanging out with the elementary aged kids leading a craft station.

I tried to leave lots of time in between trips and activities for the kids to play at home and with our friends. I wanted the kids to have time to play in the backyard and have fun enjoying the simple pleasures of summer.

We decided to go to San Francisco this year because Morgan has gone on a lot of work trips there and wanted to show us around the city. Leah was ecstatic as she had heard about all the fun things to do and see.

The first thing we checked out was Coit Tower. It has amazing views of the city and a cool story behind it.



Leah adores her daddy. Next stop was Lomard Street, the crookedest street in the world. Joel and his little legs walked all the stairs up.



After all our walking, we bought some pizza and tried to find a park or playground in the city. That certainly was a challenge. We found this park which was a very skinny lot with a cement pathway down the middle surrounded by some garden. Certainly what I am not used to calling a park in my community but it worked for us.

Another thing about San Francisco that surprised me was how cool it was. I only packed one pair of pants per person and that was quite sufficient the whole way down as we wore shorts most of the time. San Fran is quite a bit cooler and we utilized the pants and hoodies we brought.


We drove all the way down to San Fran and our kids were awesome travellers (partially due to a friend lending me her road trip bag of tricks to keep kids happy). Once we were in the city, we took public transit and rode these super old, restored street cars.


We checked out a little museum about the old street cars.


We saw waterfall art (Morgan and the kids are in the middle).


One of the reasons Morgan wanted to go to San Fran was to go to his company party. It was at the Exploratorium so we got to explore lots of things.



There was this map that lit up and showed how the fog rolls into San Fran and Joel was delighted in using it as a car mat.



We also got to meet the company’s mascot,Sassy (which is an acronym for something related to computer software). We only recently learned his real name so we called him Mr. No Software and the kids got a little plush toy of him when we visited the office.


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