Life24 Aug 2016 12:48 pm

Dear Rome

We’ve spent the last week together and I’ve learned you are quite the city. A short walk down the street shows off your magnificent buildings and a few will have doors open to see the magnificence inside. You’ve built aqueducts for miles long with precise engineering for all to have fresh water at their disposal. Piazzas welcome lounging to enjoy the foundations, food, wine and conversation. You’ve preserved buildings thousands of years old and welcomed the world to admire.

I know I only visited a short time but could I offer up some suggestions to make your city even better? More bathrooms would be greatly appreciated, especially ones that are clean, have toilet seats, have toilet paper, have water and have soap. Also, if those serving the tourists could be trusted, that would be lovely as well.

Based on all your astounding works in the past, I trust these things can be easily remedied. That’s all for now. Thanks for a great week.


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