Life29 Aug 2016 02:32 pm

In the morning we played at the park for a bit before heading off to church. After church we checked out the British Museum. It rained off and on but it was still quite warm.

I have starting taking all these amazing things in museums for granted as we have seen so many museums. I feel like I’m getting a crash course on history.


The Rosetta Stone.


We explored the Egyptian Wing.


A mummy.


The obligatory phone booth picture.



London has been a great city to explore. They have so many museums and many are by donation. It felt refreshing to be back in a culture that feels like home while still seeing some amazing things.

Speaking of home, I’m starting to look forward to being at home. This trip has been amazing with awesome sights and also so much time together with our family but it will be nice to slow down a bit and be in our own space.

It will be an interesting transition back home as the kids will both be off to school for full days and Morgan will be back at work. My September is slowly falling into place and it’s shaping up well. Wherever we will be heading off to in the fall, we will have stronger bonds together because of this time.

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